Skills + Programs

Skills Include: Problem Solving / Design Solutions / Modeling and Drawing Experience / Presentation Development / Production of Presentation Graphics / 3D Design Iteration / Website Design / Consultant Coordination / Render Coordination

Rhino (3D Modeling)
Maxwell + VRay
Unreal Engine
Microsoft Office


It's hard not to come off as weirdly formal but my name is Alejandro - I'm a designer born in Madrid, Spain but raised in Los Angeles. I have a degree in architecture but I love all different kinds of design, from graphic to product design. What has always attracted me to design was the iterative and collaborative proccess of design, as well as the opportunity for objects, buildings, and graphics to have an enduring semiotic significance for a culture and individuals beyond practical, everyday use. Design is more than just utilitarian in my view. My favorite books on design are S,M,L,XL by Rem Koolhas and the Theory of Semiotics by Umberto Eco. I play soccer and tennis sometimes. I enjoy being bad at most video games.



Robot House

An exploration of the combined program
of a fully automated factory and gallery.

Al Wedyan Town Center

Utilizing a kit-of-parts to
apply a cohesive design language.

Simon Bangkok

The challenge of building an outlet mall
above an old rice paddy in Bangkok.

Al Wedyan Central Park

Building a dynamic park space with unique
biomes in the Riyadh desert.

Al Urubah Park

Creating a compelling office & retail
spaces that respond to the local Riyadh ecology.

V-Capital Mall

Merging existing buildings
with new architecture.

Yuexiu Guangzhou

Visualizing living inside modern
apartment spaces.

Graphics: Machines

Graphic studies for machines
and other such things.

Graphics: Monoliths

Object studies for monolithic pieces
that contain varied programatic requirements.

Graphics: Products

Graphic studies for products
that I grew up with.

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